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Sunday, 23 October 2016


 Topshop have been luring me with their tailored suit trousers and jacket and I can't help myself but purchase them. I've managed to add two to my wardrobe so far and I feel a third one being added really soon (I’ll definitely be filming a suit styling video when I purchase a new camera). 

I'm not sure if it’s suits in general or just the way these Topshop suits fit, but they look amazing with anything!!

I’ve tried the suits with heels, trainers, keeping it cool by just wearing the trousers and a plain tee, keeping it casual by styling it with a shirt and loafers and it all looks pretty awesome. I now need to give the sporty look a try. Styling the suit with a hoody underneath the blazer and adding a pair of trainers, maybe I’ll give that a try with the next colour I purchase.

Jacket/ TrousersTopShoes/
photography by Oda Eide

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Gold Dress

So it might not be the right weather to be wearing this amazing gold dress without at least layering it with a t-shirt underneath and a cosy coat or jacket on top. But it definitely is the right time to start wearing anything that will get you in the holiday spirit. I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner, where on earth did 2016 go. I know that every year I find myself saying that the year has gone quick, but this year has actually flown by like wow. 

That introduction was really a way to say that I've actually started wearing a little more colour than I usually do (not a great example with this dress, but stay tuned). I’ve changed positions at work and no longer have to wear my work uniform. Now that I have to choose something to wear five times a week I’ve found myself experimenting a bit more with colours, styles and trends I wouldn’t have really have picked out before. I’m still not much a fan of prints, but hey let's keep being open minded. 

The holidays always brings along trends full of vibrant colours and texture so this is my opportunity to play around with my style a little more. I've already seen a few trends and colours I would like to maybe play around with and hopefully inspire my wardrobe to be a little more playful. Here's a list of some of the trends.

Velvet - I definitely want to give a velvet dress or even a velvet bomber a try.
Military prints 
Puffer jackets
Add some reds and dark greens to my wardrobe.
Embroidered jeans. 

photography by Oda Eide

Sunday, 5 June 2016


Jumpsuit/ Shoes - Asos/ Chocker/ Lipstick

The aim was to post at least every other Sunday, but I was a little busy last week and missed a post. But no worries I'm back with my look from my trip to Kew Gardens.

Let's start this post by acknowledging how great this Asos bandeau jumpsuit is and why you should all have one in your wardrobe.

Number One. It fits like a glove, It keeps my waist looking small, it accentuates my bum and it gives me a fuller bust that is normally non-existent.    

Number Two. It's really Simple, so you can pretty much wear it for any occasion. Change your shoes, add some jewellery, add some layers and you pretty much have a new outfit each time.

Number Three. The colour 

Number Four. It looks far more expensive than it actually is.

The only downfall about this jumpsuit is that it doesn't come in black. 

Kew Gardens 

If you have any spare time this summer you've got to make some time to go and spend the day in Kew Gardens. It’s a little pricey to get in (£15), but it’s still worth it, and I'm saying this without seeing half of the place. The gardens are enormous and I didn't realise how big it was until I left and took a really good look at the map of the grounds to realise that I didn't see most of it. So if you do go, go on a hot sunny day and maybe have a picnic after you are done exploring the gardens.  But please follow the map as you can walk for hours and hours (as I certainly did!) and not see everything. 

The Palm house greenhouse is simply spectacular. A masterpiece of Victorian architecture mixed with rare and beautiful plants. The second floor offers a breathtaking view and that is why I had to do a shoot up there in this beautiful jumpsuit, but it was so hot on the second floor that my shoot had to be done in double time or would've seen all my sweat in the pictures. 

The Waterlily house had to be my favourite even with the overbearing heat, the pond looked like a Monet painting.

Oh, and if I haven't sold Kew Gardens to you, then you must take a walk through kew. A lovely, peaceful little town.

Sunday, 15 May 2016




My traveling adventures have finally begun, first with my trip to Amsterdam earlier this year with my friends, now with this four-day adventure to Milan with my boyfriend and I'll soon be heading to Mallorca for a much needed all girls beach holiday at the end of June. Hopefully, I can keep this up and aim to explore a new country/city at least every other three months. 

I was only in Milan for four days and 3 nights, but I loved it and I can't wait to make plans to stay and visit the city for a little longer next time. We only really adventured to the city centre and didn't explore much else so I can't really give you a real detail of Milan. Next time I go I will make sure to adventure a little further out from the city centre and write a review all bout it. But one thing I will say is that you can't go to Milan and not visit the famous Duomo. The Duomo is a real masterpiece of architecture inside and out. The design took my breath away as soon as I stepped in through the iron gate, I suddenly felt overwhelmed and emotional and I'm sure so will you.

Choker/ Jeans/ Sandals/ Trainers/ Stradivarious Jacket

Saturday, 7 May 2016



I wanted to put together something really nice and simple for this post and this was the result. The key to putting together a simple outfit is to keep your colour palate minimal, sticking to at least 2 or 3 colours. You can then layer as much as you want or accessorise to your liking and your outfit will still have a minimal feel about it. 

Dress (similar) / Coat - Topshop / Shoes - Asos / Chocker / Lipstick 
photography by Oda Eide

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Adidas Originals

Adidas Originals 

Adidas Originals have been spreading like wildfire for a while now and I don't see them dying down anytime soon. After the London Olympics in 2012 we have become a little more involved with the world of fitness, healthy eating and sportswear, and not only sportswear for exercise, but also for everyday wear. Along with this new lifestyle came a massive rise in more people wearing trainers as it's an easy way to get the sports look without a big change to your wardrobe. 
From 2012 till now I have gone from 0 to now having over 11 pairs of trainers which believe me it's lot and I've now just added these superstars to my collection.

I went into Office not long ago and tried on a pair of the classic white with black stripes. To be honest, I didn't know if they actually suited me or if I just wanted a pair because everyone has one. None the less I took the trainers home to see how I felt about them after trying them on with some items from my wardrobe. I first tried the pair on with a pair of mom jeans and there was no need for another trial, it looked so freaking awesome that i’m now struggling not to wear them everyday. Something about these trainers just seems to make every outfit look super cool and effortless. 

I might film a look book on different ways to style these classic trainers, so keep an eye out.

Adidas Originals / Pinstripe Slip Dress /Paisley Print Neckerchief 
photography by Oda Eide